Game Audio Demo Reel

Wwise demo reel

Archer Vs drones

Unreal, Wwise

This is a sound design and implementation demo of my mini game Archer vs. Drones made in Unreal Engine with Wwise.


Current Projects

Vigilante Racer

Unreal MetaSounds, Wwise

Sci-Fy Engine Metasounds

Here is an update on my latest engine sound design for the game Vigilante Racer by Dan Violet Sagmiller.

In the video you can hear all the components of the engines in MetaSounds. First, you will hear them separate, and then all together.

At the time of recording, CPU usage was spiking up to 10% per core. But I recently updated the patches and now it’s running at 2% with no spikes. phew 😅 

Audio Controls: Blueprints and Metasounds

This video is a breakdown of my prototype vehicle implementation for the game Vigilante Racer by Dan Violet Sagmiller. This is my approach to triggering and updating Metasound variables with the use of the TimeLine node in Blueprints. 

You can view the blueprint at:

Past Projects


Archer Vs Drones

Unreal, Wwise

Ambience and Footsteps

This video is a breakdown of how I implemented an integrated ambience and footsteps system in UE5 and Wwise with blueprints for my game Archer vs Drones. The sound design has gone through many improvements since I made this video. You can listen to the final version in the Wwise Demo Reel

Falling Drone Automation

In this video I will breakdown the audio implementation for the falling drone sequence in Archer vs Drones. The sound design has gone through many improvements since I made this video. You can listen to the final version in the Wwise Demo Reel.   

Agent Stealth

Unreal, Metasounds, and Wwise

This is a breakdown for Agent Stealth. I created this game for the Games for Blind Gamers Jam. It features speech descriptions, a prompt collision system, and a custom scanning function, which allows blind players to focus on spatial sounds via mouse yaw movement.

Ancient Hacker

Unreal Engine 5

Sound Design and Music Demo

Music and sound Demo of Ancient Hacker, a stealth and exploration four level game set in a mysterious library. I created the game in Unreal Engine 5 using blueprints and public domain art assets. 

The game is available as a free download at 

Trigger Sounds from an object's rotation

This video is a breakdown of the audio rotation system implemented in Ancient Hacker  via blueprints and Unreal’s audio component.

Music Manager and Layered music

In this video you can see how I created a music manager blueprints script for Ancient Hacker

More Audio Implementation and Prototypes

Pure Data: Spectral Delay

In this video I am sharing the features of my latest Pure data patch. It is a spectral delay with chorus and wave folding capabilities.

Hunted Forest Raylib C++

Me and my 9 year old made this game for our own Home Game jam. She created all the beautiful art while I worked on the sound design and code (C++) in Raylib. It was great to work on a project together and to connect in a different way than what we are used to.

Ocean Waves Unity C#




I wanted to give myself a challenge to create the reverse effect of an audio visualizer in Unity's Audio engine. An audio visualizer works by transferring data from the frequency spectrum through Unity’s Audio Source, and feeding this data to any parameter in the game. This time, I wanted to have an object such as a cube that was in a random state of change by way of a Lerp function. In this case, I could feed the random data to the sound effects in order to have both sound and movement linked to one another.  

For the script I started with a scale Lerp function that had a random range value between 5f and 6f. Since I ended up wanting to create ocean waves as a practical application,  I added another random range of speed  between 1f and 10f. In this way the ocean waves would be less predictive and therefore more natural. At last, I added a Switch to trigger snapshots. The variable sfxDuration was made public so that it was easier to change it later in Unity. 

There are two sound files, one is of a creek I recorded at a park close from home in Alameda CA, and the other is a sample of white noise. The creek mix only has a change of pitch effect. And the white noise is heavily processed with Unity's effects. 

I changed the parameters of the effects and stored them in two snapshots. One snapshot presents parameters such as higher pitch, higher frequencies in the 3kHz range,  less cut of low pass, lower high pass, less delay, for the waves crashing on the shore.  This values are reversed on the second snapshot to represent the waves retreating.

I learned a lot from making this prototype both in terms of scripting as well as learning the possibilities within Unity's audio system . After this experiment I have realized that despite its limitations, compared with dedicated audio middle ware such as Wwise or Fmod, Unity's audio engine is still very powerful and impressive.  

Audio Visualiser in Unity C#

 This is a first prototype for an album release video. I wrote a C# script audio visualizer for Unity. The script was heavily influenced by some of the tutorials in Peer Play 

Original art work by my great friend and beautiful person Helena Lopez. The music is from my upcoming album Mojave Groove.